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Saturday, January 16, 2010

4PM EST Today On The Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show's THIRD EYE LIVE Ask questions live call 1-888-565-1470 Our Guest will be Suzie Hendricks.

Welcome to the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show our program is paid for by Holistic Lifestyles Radio Inc and can be listened to every day on wwnn 1470 am . All Production produced by Holistic Lifestyles Radio Inc and the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show Sponsors. We want to thank our sponsors for their support of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show’s. Because of our sponsors you can Listen Live to Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show, Monday-Friday 2-3pmEST, Saturday’s 4-6pmEST and Sunday Nights 9pm- 11pm. That’s 10 hours per week of Holistic Lifestyles. You are listening to Holistic Lifestyles Radio’s production of Third Eye Live. There will be no rebroadcast of “Spirituality with Rashid Saker” without written consent of Holistic Lifestyles Radio Inc. We want to thank the listeners of our paid program listening live on Twitter Podcast, Facebook, Blog Talk Radio, Wnn AM RADIO 1470 and our website listeners at HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES RADIO.COM .We are being listened to locally and around the world and we want to also thank our sponsors for making that possible. Want more information go to HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES RADIO.COM and click on about us. Now to todays show Tune in to the THIRD EYE LIVE!!! on the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show Saturday January 16th on WWNN 1470AM at 4-5pm. Our Guest will be Suzie Hendricks, author of the Simple Art of Being, 133 messages from spirit to assist you on your journey. And as always our panel will open the show with various topics from spiritual to nutrition to world events and everything in between. Education, healing and latest information exposing any and all measures of the calculated strategy of dumbing down the human race is what we are all about. Bio: Third Eye Live!!! The cutting-edge out-of-the-box radio program where metaphysical meets physical, by awakening higher consciousness and joining forces with all lightworkers. The panel consists of Laurie Bauman, Barb Pardee, Holly Stockus and Rashid Saker. Four professionals in the holistic and metaphysical arena that will offer their knowledge, opinions and insight on various topics from spiritual to nutrition to world events and everything in between. Followed by Spiritual Recovery with Rashid, on the Holistic Lifestyles Radio Show WWNN 1470AM Saturdays 5-6pm. Rashid’s guest will be Cynthia Segal “Ask a Psychic”. We will be discussing her amazing skills not only an intuitive but as a spiritual coach who is helping to inspire and guide us on our life, career and spiritual paths. Cynthia will also be taking questions so our lines will be open for calls 1-888-565-1470. Bio: Cynthia Segal is a truly gifted Intuitive Consultant working with distinguished clients, their businesses, families and pets, around the globe. She will become your favorite Business tax deduction! Her amazing skill set also includes Medical Intuitive and Medium and Animal Communication. Cynthia's readings are always delivered with compassion, clarity and integrity. Feel secure with the ultimate in client confidentiality. Cynthia doesn't retain the information that comes through - clearly the message is meant only for you. She is featured in the heavily endorsed book 'Soul Currency' by Ernest D. Chu, now available in 5 languages. Cynthia will also be at the Griffin’s Loft on January 23rd to teach people how to “hear YOUR Inner Guidance” and answer questions regarding business, personal life and pets; for all participants. Her program comes with Cynthia’s exclusive “at least 3 months of Joy guarantee.” Cynthia is also an acknowledged mentor of people already working with energy and has enhanced the abilities of many Reiki Masters, Channeller, Healers, Psychic and Animal Communicators. Cynthia’s passion is to awaken the Psychic within you and teach you how to hear YOUR Inner Guidance. WOW - That’s TWO HOURS of holistic and metaphysical talk, enlightenment, news, laughter and so much more. Spend your Saturdays with us. Listen Live At Link Below. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holistichealthtalk/2010/01/16/holistic-lifestyles-radio-shows-third-eye-live-ask-questions-live-call-1-888-565-1470 Posted by The Host is at 9:07 AM Links to this post Labels: holistic Lifestyles Radio, metaphysical, Recovery, spiritual, Suzie Hendricks, Third Eye Live

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