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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Resolutions of Faith By Carol Harblin. I do so declare my New Year’s resolutions to be…

We’ve all written them out on January 1st. What are resolutions anyway? They are mere declarations, affirmations, decisions and promises that we make to ourselves in hopes to make something better. We hope to resolve some conflict or imbalance in our lives.
Faith is such a big word. It encompasses trust in something greater than what we know and feel. It isn’t tangible in any sense. How do we go from knowing and believing to attaining faith and letting go?

Why have so many people turned to material possessions as a sort of security and comfort? People think that life is good when they acquire more money and the more “stuff.” But is it really?

The more material they acquire, the emptier their lives are. They have a feeling that there is a void in their life and that they need to fill it. They see what society gives them and they fill it with the things they only see.

Why not declare a new year by announcing you want more faith? Material gain doesn’t fulfill the void that faith can fill.Christmas is a time of love and spiritual giving and fulfillment. It has little to do with acquiring material possessions like video games, jewelry, money, and gift cards.

January 1st is a time of reflecting upon what has worked and what has been positive in our lives. What do we keep and what do we discard? I am not just talking about “stuff,” I am also referring to the thoughts that manifest in our consciousness and awareness. What and/or who is of importance to us and do they work in our ever-so changing lifestyle?

Faith can be reached through your own interpretation of spirituality. Without a little spirituality, we tread through life feeling unfulfilled and insecure.
With little random acts of faith, more of the resolutions you desire will come to fruition.

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